PC Card Software Sources

7th November 2005

This is a place holder page for the sources for the !PC/!PCPro software that was developed for RiscPC second processor cards and PC podule cards developed for the range of Acorn machines.

Any code that is marked as "Copyright Aleph One", is now licensed under the GPL. Some code is copyright Stuart Tyrell. Stuart has also given permission for his code to be released under the GPL. Contact me if there are any further issues with licensing that you would like me to address.

Understand that this code release is completely unsupported and Aleph1 cannot provide any help with it. Please do not contact them in regard to it. I cannot answer any technical questions about it because I have not examined it in detail. If there are items you think are missing from the archives below, I will endeavour to locate them.

Thanks to Laurie and Wookey of Aleph1 for their input to RISC OS over the years and for making this release possible.

Binary Files


Support and Documentation

This is a snapshot of Aleph1's Acorn Products site including PC card documentation, which will soon be removed from their site. Since it is only a snapshot, it will contain broken links, and will be fully integrated into www.riscos.info in the future.

Aleph1 Acorn Support