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PCPro software for RiscPC with PC cards
Older software for RiscPC with PC cards
Download Aleph One Screen Savers for RISC OS 4 NOW
!PC Version history
FTP site for the older software not listed.

3rd Party Software useful for the PC Card:
All download files are Sparkives / zip files. For a self extracting version of !SparkPlug go to David Pilling - Free Software page

Technical queries to :- support@aleph1.co.uk. Sales queries to :- sales@aleph1.co.uk.

PCPro software for RiscPC with PC cards

Current software revision

PCPro software is only for Acorn RiscPC computers with PC cards this is the only software that is Y2K complient and StrongARM compatable. PCPro3 is required for RISC OS 4 users. It is backward compatible and it is not dependent on the type of ARM CPU or PC card fitted.


PCPro 3.xx is a chargeable upgrade for all Second Processor users, with a reduction for current PCPro users.

Free Upgrades from PCPro v3.xx

After completing the Aleph One PCPro3 Registration Form free Upgrades are available either by completing the web form or sending an appropprite email. The upgrade will then be posted as an attatchment to the registerd email address.

!PC Version history

Software in development

The following software developments are either underway or planned:

Free upgrade for !PC 2.0X to !PC 213p

Patches available on this page are to upgrade PCPro2. Ensure you obtain the correct upgrade or patch for the version of !PC you are using. Upgrading to !PC 213p is required to be fully Y2K complient.

None of these upgades or patches will function with Acorn !PC486 or !PCx86 software.
The best upgrade is to obtain is PCPro3.

Upgrade patch for !PC 2.13 and 213p This is a zip file the filetype should read archive when on a RISC OS formatted drive. Follow the instructions in the ReadMe file within. This just patches the !Runimage in !PC 2.13 making it version 213p.

Upgrade !PC 2.03 to !PC 213p This is a zip file the filetype should read archive when on a RISC OS formatted drive. Follow the instruction in the ReadMe file within. The update also contains.

Thanks to David Pilling for his excellent !Freshen software to enable this update to be done over the net rather than sending in floppy discs.

PCPro upgrade (from v2.02 to v2.03). Also fixes 'Incorrect System Version' error when running DOS box in Win3.xx on early 2.03 release.

Partial upgrades for !PC 213p

Below are some Sparkives that can be downloaded.

Older software for RiscPC with PC cards

This software has been removed because it is noy Y2K complient. You will need to obtain PCPro3.

Aleph One revision 2 Podule cards

Current software revision

Aleph One revision 1 Podule cards

Current software revision

Acorn half podule card (A4000/A30X0)

Current software revision

!PC/PCPro Version history

Here is a list of new features by version since version 1.72:
PCMEM works with Castle Kinetic card correctly
!PCinstall and SYSupdate allow for 350.modules.toolbox existing
!PCinstall can install MemFix for ROS 4.03 and URIconv
Improved VESA 2.0 BIOS support
Direct SCSI recognises Fat32 drives
PCMEM/!PC fixed to work with RISCOS 3.71+ StrongARM
!PC saves all files in !Boot so it will work on Read-only drives
'Current configuration' file moved from wimpscrap$dir.PCconfig to wimpscrap$dir.PC.PCconfig
PCMEM fixed to work properly with RISCOS 4 and 256Mb RAM
SINGLET/MULTIT/QUIT utils fixed to exit on all versions of DOS
ScanDCI4 automatically records results in wimpscrap$dir.PC.EtherX file
!PC, !PCconfig, !PCinstall and !UpdateSYS compatible with RISCOS 4
!PC (PCmem module) can now allocate 32MB available memory even when 128Mb SIMMs are present.
Warm Silence's CDROMFS is now supported
!PC is now compatible with RC5PC and Debugger Plus
!PCconfig v0.85
* Compatible with RISCOS 4 look and feel
* 'revert to defaults' option added
* Scaletofit option re-instated
Revised manual (issue 8) supplied.
New !PCConfig.MKDOSDisc deals with !GuardDD transparently
InstallPC v0.81 - fixes problem with Network Links registration codes
!InstallPC v0.81 - fixes problem with Network Links registration codes.
ARMASPI v0.07c modules included - fixes problems with epson scanners.
Bug fixed where wrong memory size reported for <16Mb RAM with no VRAM allocated.
DOS driver installation now puts lines at start of files not the end, to avoid the problem of loading drivers after Windows or shells
!MkBootDisc Setup.bat is more robust, especially for Windows 3.x users
!PCConfig v0.81:
* doesn't allow TurboDriver bodge selection without Direct Parallel
* bug fixed where it forgot about drives dragged onto it if the window didn't have focus.
* the DOSDisc creator has bug fixed which made flawed boot sectors in v3.00 (this stops SYS from working properly)
!UpdateSys tries harder to unplug old modules
!PC can now be used on a locked disc.
Readme Updates, Windows keyboard patch only applied on RISC OS 3.7.
Missing XCOPY put on boot/driver disc. Co-exists with v2.13 better.
Setup.bat deals properly with Windows 3.1 as well as 3.11
More robust !UpdateSys
First Release of PCPro3. Multiple configs, DirectX driver, VESA2 support, Video speedups, New installer, 32bit ASPI support, new front end, etc.
Uses Diva$ConfigFile for config info. Freeze, full screen and quit on main menu. Timeslice options put in config file.
CPUs & CDROM speedups
Start-up banner. StrongARM 32Mb RAM allocation fixed
Win95 keyboard support.
As 2.06 but without DMA changes since v2.03+ (test version)
Joystick support added to BIOS, PCsleep made AMD-compatible
Extended Keyboard key scan codes improved
Milennium updated from RISCOS
Floppy disable option
Fixes VGA & Windows driver problems with StrongARM
PCPro release: Windows 95 Sound & Video installers. New !PCInstall app.
VESA support
Shared memory windows driver.
Sound-with-video crashes fixed, Faster CDROM & Disk access. (Configurable for use on problem hardware).
VGA changes for Win95, Win95-style installer for video. Now includes ARMDRV v1.99 which fixes 'stripey icons'.
First HPC version. New CDROM device driver
Win95 icon colour DIBs fixed. Temp fix for Win95 startup corruption.
SoundBlaster emulation (2nd processor cards only)
CD-ROM support upgrade, including PhotoCD and CD Audio
Serial port shared with RISCOS (2nd processor cards only)
All CPUs auto-detected
New style !PCconfig (2nd processor cards only)
CPU startup sleep mode to reduce heat and power consumption (2nd processor cards only)
Co-processor auto-detection
Network Links upgrade for DCI4 Ethernet Drivers (allows any Ethernet card to be used)
Support for 1.7Mb (MDF/XDF) floppy format
SWI conflict with !Larger removed
Support for 256-colour palette setting in DOS and Windows (Risc PCs only)
Support for 16-bit and 24-bit colour displays in Windows (if host supports it)
Various bug fixes for known bugs

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