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32bit CDROM Driver for Windows95/98

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Acorn computer with PC Podule or PC Card using !PC v2.00 or greater - ie 'PCPro for Acorn RiscPC', and Windows95 installed.
PCPro is available from most local Acorn Dealers or direct from
Aleph One Ltd, Bottisham, CAMBRIDGE, CB5 9BA, UK Tel:- (00 44) 1223 811679

This driver is not required for PCPro3 users.

General information:

This driver will work with all CD-ROM drives (SCSI, IDE or Parallel interfaces). You must already have the drive installed so that it can be accessed on the RISC OS desktop, and have the correct number of CDROM drives configured.

The driver is implemented as a protected mode (aka '32-bit') SCSI miniport driver for Windows 95. It replaces the real-mode DOS CDROM driver HPC_CD.SYS, for Windows 95 and for DOS boxes within windows. It supports all CDROM drives recognised by RISCOS, up to a maximum of 7 drives.

Because it is a protected-mode driver it supports full Windows95 functionality, including 'Joliet' format CDs (including Long Filename support), autorun and auto-insert notification. This version of the driver does not support Audio functions. This will be in a later release.

The old DOS driver is still needed for CDROM access under Windows 3.1 or DOS. The old DOS driver is also on the bootable floppy created by !MkBootDisc so that Windows95/98 can be installed from CD.

This driver uses the same resources (the PC Card's 'HPC' interface), as other drivers already in circulation:
HPC_CD.SYS Aleph One real mode (DOS) CDROM driver
HPCASPI.SYS Andreas Walter's ASPI driver
ARMEDIT.SYS Alexander Thoukidides' ARMEdit driver

The majority of users will be using at least one, the (DOS) CDROM driver from the drivers listed above and Windows95 will usually complain about 'device conflicts'. This will not stop the installation or the working of the drivers if you follow all the installation instructions.

For installation instructions read the ReadMe/txt file in the download archive.

Download now.

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