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We are taking orders for PCPro 3 now, for immediate despatch

Aleph One have been pioneering PC support software and hardware for RISC OS since 1990; eight years on, we're still developing and improving new solutions for our customers. PCPro 3 represents the culmination of a year's work on our established PCPro software, and particularly on support for DirectDraw for games. Here's a list of exactly what we've improved:

Duke Nukem 3D
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider

Major video speedups

Your favourite DOS games now go faster, thanks to these improvements:

  • VESA 2.0 support added so the PC has direct access to your screen memory. For instance, Duke Nukem 3D (pictured left) now achieves 3x the average frame rate on a StrongARM that it did with previous versions of PCPro, and 5x the average frame rate with an ARM610.
  • Fast VGA support for games means that games not using VESA can be accelerated by almost the same amount as the VESA 2.0 improvements.
  • VESA 1.2 games can go 30% to 40% faster due to optimisations made in the video code.

Multiple configurations

are now supported - you can choose which one to enter upon Reset

A completely new printed User Guide

is included

Added Windows support

  • DirectDraw support allowing new Windows games and multimedia to run.
  • Dynamic mode changing from Windows 95 now supported.
  • SCSI devices are now simply Plug and Play with Andreas Walter's 32-bit ASPI drivers.
Windows Mode list Windows SCSI devices
!PC toolbar

Easier to use

  • A completely new Installer facilitates installation of upgrades or of a fresh system, handling the use of a CD ROM as the source, and showing which aspects of the configuration can be changed while the Card is running. Even installation of PC-side networking is largely automated.
  • Toolbar allows for dynamic reconfiguration of serial and parallel port settings, easy Freeze and Reset of the Card, Mouse connection and fast access to other options.
  • DOS drivers now install automatically from our Boot Disc.
  • Upgrades from old versions of PCx86 / PC486 / PCPro are handled seamlessly, preserving all your old settings.
  • Turbodriver cables are now fully supported-- you can simply print through your normal Windows printer driver without having to swap cables.
  • Display memory is flexible, and no longer needs a fixed chunk of memory allocated to it.

Bugs fixed

Network Links

Network Links software is a well-established product developed to allow Acorn computers with PC Cards to join their local PC networks, now at version 15. But it and its predecessors, while they can work with !PCPro 3, cannot exploit its ease of use and simplicity of automatic installation of networking aspects. We therefore recommend that all Network Links users buying !PCPro 3 return both their !PCPro 2 and Network Links discs, with their payment. They will receive in return a single disc containing !PCPro 3 and Network Links in an integrated form.

UK Prices, including VAT and postage

1. Upgraders who send back a !PC disc with Aleph One label:
One user Two to four
PCPro 3 4080
PCPro 3 + NetworkLinks £60 £80

2. Upgraders who send back both !PC and Network Links discs:
One user Two to four
PCPro 3 + NetworkLinks40 80

3. Fresh customers who have no Aleph One disc to return:
One user Two to four
PCPro 3 70 140
PCPro 3 + NetworkLinks£90 £180

Quantity prices

shown are determined by taking the square root of the number of users, rounding UP to the next integer, and multiplying by the base price; you can apply this method to larger quantities.

Overseas prices

In EU countries the above prices apply unless you send an EU tax number. There is no extra charge for air postage. In all other countries you can deduct 13% from these prices, and we will pay air postage. (40 - 13% = 34.80 and 70 - 13% = 60.90)

Future upgrades

will usually be available over the Internet, but previous Registration as a user will be required, and the Registration Number must be entered when downloading upgrades. Upgrade installations will be limited to the number on the original disc. Sales of PCPro 3 will all be handled by Aleph One Limited and not through dealers.

You may want to refer to our online manual. To see what PCPro 3 can do for your DOS games, have a look at demos of Duke Nukem 3D, Red Alert or Genecyst, a freely available Mega Drive emulator.

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