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This form allows you to register your ownership of Aleph One software. Once you have registered you will be able to request software updates from our upgrade server.

This on-line registration and upgrading is only available for products with registration codes that look like this: 5gn9xk-23op - ie letters and number with a dash in the middle. Currently that covers PCPro3 and PCPro3 with Network Links. Earlier versions (which just had numerical serial numbers) must be upgraded by post.

To register you need to fill in:

Your Name
A password
You make this up yourself
The registration code for the software
Get this off the floppy disc the software came on.
Your email address
Upgrades will only be sent to this address.
Your address
Don't worry about one line of address per line of form - just write it in so it fits.
Your phone number
Don't put colons in these fields, please. The last two items are optional, but will make it easier for us to contact you in case of queries such as expired email addresses, or technical support issues.

Once you have registered, and that registration has been validated by Aleph One (allow a couple of working days for this to happen - you will be sent a confirmatory email), then you can use either email or the (forthcoming) web interface to list and request upgrades.

Forgotten whether or not you have registered?

Registration Code:
E-Mail Address:

Phone Number:

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