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At work Please note that these pages are under constant review and revision. If you need additional assistance you may:-
Email:PCPro-support@aleph1.co.uk Fax: (0044) 01223 812713 or Tel: (0044) 01223 811679. Select here for telephone support times and holiday announcements.

Trouble Shooting and Config information.

Config bit map Disc Setup Memory Printing Serial Port Network Display SCSI Front End Floppy Advanced

Disc setup, Memory, Printing, Serial Port, NetLinks
Display, SCSI, Front-end, Floppies, Advanced,

Select the icon, or the link below, which relates to the topic you want help about. There is help in trouble-shooting and additional information and explanations.

SoundCDMultiple Configs

Have you set your PC card up for the Millennium?

Hardware Problems and Upgrades

Hardware related problems normally give random generated errors or errors that do not appear all the time. Most, but not all errors that are constant tend to be related to software.

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Software and OS run on the PC card

If we know about a problem with an OS or software title and have an answer it will be here.

These support pages are created to help Acorn computer users obtain a better understanding of how their system can effectively use PC software with an Aleph One PC card or PC podule. They also help diagnose and correct problems users have encountered.

Much of this material can also be found in the ReadMe and Impreadme files on the PCPro disc and the PCPro and Network Links manuals on this site.

Understanding the Basics of the PC card
The PC card being hosted by the Acorn RiscOS computer has no direct access to anything other than the host memory that gets allocated to it.

There are many operations in which RiscOS involvement is minimal but is present, so software links or drivers are provided to allow many aspects of the system to function. The PC card is not a complete replacement for a real PC, but allows Acorn computer users to run most PC software and use most of the peripherals connected to the host.

PCPro is the suite of software that allows this to happen. It comprises !PC, the application managing the hardware, with an Installer and some other modules and apps for Acorn RiscOS, and a software-loaded BIOS, together with the provided DOS and Windows drivers for the PC card.

There are also some software solutions from third parties that fill particular needs and are mentioned within these support pages when applicable.

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