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If you have registered your copy of PCPro3 then you can use this page to obtain upgrades.

You need to fill in your registration code and your password below, then click on the upgrade you want. The upgrade will be sent to you as an email attatchment to your registered email address. You will automatically get the 'with Network Links' version if that is what you registered.

These details were all in the 'Welcome' email you received from the Aleph One Upgrades Server shortly after registering. The code and password are case sensitive.

You can optionally fill in the email address. If you do this then any responses from the upgrades server will be sent back to this address. This is not the address that the upgrade is sent to - upgrades are only sent to the registered address you gave when you registered. If you do not fill in this field you will not get any status report back from the server - either the upgrade will be delivered if your details are correct, or it won't be if they aren't.

The currently available upgrades are

Version 3.06 full release - (838K, or 986K with Network Links)
This release fixes memory allocation problems with Castle's Kinetic card, RISCOS 3.71 & 256Mb RAM, as well as a range of other small improvement and bug fixes.
Version 3.03 full release - (802K, or 947K with Network Links)
This release is compatible with RISCOS 4, as well as fixing various bugs and problems in the initial releases of PCPro3, and includes ARMASPI v0.07c.
ARMASPI v0.07c - (19K)
Fixes problems with epson scanners.
Older releases of PCPro3
Just in case you should want them for some reason.
The version history has full details.

File to download:
Password: Help, I've forgotten it!
Registration Code:
Email address (optional):
(for confirmation, not delivery)

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